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Are you into UFC betting as much as we are? We want to help you with your UFC betting so here is a list of facts about the UFC events. Knowing the upcoming UFC events will really help and guide you in some major UFC betting. So have fun, stick to your budgeted bankroll and make money.

Before we mention the list of events and the schedule of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, here are some details about the game. Ultimate Fighting Championship is also known as UFC. UFC is basically a mixed martial arts promotion and its offices and business transactions are found and done respectively in the United States of America. The exact date of the first UFC event happened on November 12, 1993 and it was dubbed as UFC 1.

Every UFC event has not only just one fight, but the audience and the fans can watch several fights in one night. There are generally five fights scheduled in one UFC event. A UFC event is broadcasted on television and Pay-per-view (PPV), and sometimes in some channels, only the two main fights that are showcased. The UFC franchise will sometimes also produce a show. The show is called the UFC Prelim show, and it is broadcasted and produced before the PPV events. These events air, at the very least, two of the event?s first fights live on Spike TV.

Today, the UFC series of events have reached UFC 100. A typical UFC event in recent years has showcased a whopping 11 fights in total. There are even some instances in which the event would hold more than 11 games or fewer than 11, which is caused by unforeseen injuries happening a few minutes or hours before the game starts. Before UFC 83, the typical number of fights in an event is usually nine fights.

The UFC events fall in three different formats. There are your typical number events such as the UFC 100. These numbered events are shown in Pay-per-view and UFC makes a lot of money with this kind of marketing. Then, there are events called ?The Ultimate Fighter Finale.? This particular event can be seen for free on Spike TV and the series revolve around the ?The Ultimate Fighter? series tournament.

And then there are the Ultimate Fight Night Live events. With these events, you will see titles such as UFC Fight Night: Marquardt versus Palhares. This is also shown on Spike TV and it is free for anyone to watch. This is a lead in broadcast schemes to give attention to the Ultimate Fighter premier.

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