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Arc welding is an old welding procedure, however it a gold welding procedure. What confused with the gold? Ya it is a gold welding procedure because as just how the gold always has the value, this welding procedure constantly has its own worth. Normally, it is used in numerous applications as well as the arc welding is called as one of the globe” s most well-known welding procedure due to its flexibility and also simplicity in its procedure. It is also called as stick welding and is additionally called as hand-operated arc welding process and also it utilizes palatable electrode to bond the device. This process is utilized to weld iron, aluminum, steel, nickel and also copper. In this write-up, we are going to see about various sorts of arc welders.

Power arc 160 is the power arc series with cc igbt inverter and it has the following features as well as advantages such as reduced power intake with smooth and also stable dc arc, high business duty cycle of 60% with 160 rated result dc amps @ 60% task cycle. It is mobile and also designed in a most practical way with shoulder bring band. You could begin this welder easily with adaptive arc pressure control as well as it has simple warm begin for lowered electrode sticking. It has an unique port called 6010 port for boosted arc constancy when welding with E 6010 electrodes. Digital screen is its specialized and it has digital display screen for exact current setup as well as it has dinse design ports for easy link. It is of infineon igbt inverter kind as well as this equipment requires an input voltage of 240 v with easy warm start.

The suggested maximum electrode dimension for this machine is 5/32″ and also it is resilient sufficient for daily use with advanced modern technology as well as process. Mobile Welding Fixing, Residence garage, Maintenance shop, Factory, Construction, Shipyard and Pipe markets could use this welding machine. It is a basic function device that can be made use of for mostly all circumstances of repair service and also construction. As like the above arc welder type, the arc welder power arc 200 have exact same features and advantages, yet it additionally has a few other added attributes that is absent it power arc 160. The customer could start this device with 3 optimum start input amps such as 40A @ 220V, 38A @ 230V and also 36A @ 240V and the maximum running amps for this welder is 32A @ 220V, 38A @ 230V as well as 36A @ 240V. 3/16″ is the advised maximum electrode size for this welder and also it has 200 A ranked outcome dc amps @ 60% responsibility cycle. As like the above one, it is also utilized commonly used in the very same sectors. So these are the two various sorts of arc welders and also the individual can appreciate its features as well as benefits in a most efficient way.

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Use this machine according to your demands and also attempt to use its performance. Search for the best producer” s as well as obtain the very best welding machines from them in an economical rate with top quality, guarantee and also guarantee.

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