The Several types of Asphalt Plants

Do you consider buying a new asphalt plant? Whether you’re replacing an older one or adding new equipment for your personal growing business, expect to do quite a bit of research. There are several types of asphalt plants to choose from, each includes their own pair of pros and cons. You have to be careful when creating your decision. This really is a considerable investment to your business, something that will have a huge affect on your future success. Read below that will help you make a more educated decision.

1) Small asphalt plant

Within the last few years, nice small asphalt plants for sale have risen in popularity. This really is all thanks to the unmatched portability they offer. They may be commonly used in small construction projects. Also known as mini asphalt plants, these are the ideal option for working in hard to reach areas. Generally, there is a production capacity ranging from 20tph to 60tph.

2) Medium asphalt plant

If you need something a little bigger, then this medium asphalt plant may be the best choice for you. Its capacity is 60tph to 100tph. This turns out to be a great choice if you typically work towards the building of parking lots, harbors, and airports.

3) Large asphalt batching plant

This sort has about double the amount capacity of your previous one listed. The excess volume makes this an excellent model for bigger projects such as the construction of highways.

asphalt plant

asphalt plant

4) Stationary asphalt plant

Now we’re moving on to asphalt plants who have enormous production capacity. The stationary type boasts up to 320 t/h. As the name implies, you do not have the ability to move this particular asphalt plant. You need to transport the finished mixture towards the designated location.

5) Mobile asphalt hot mix plant

This particular one offers the benefit of portability without having to sacrifice plenty of production capacity. You can state that it combines the key benefits of the tiny asphalt plant as well as the large asphalt plant. The ability to move and transport hot mix compels many contractors to pick this particular model. Get more:

6) Drum continuous mix plant

This is basically the most sought-after continuous asphalt plant. The thing that makes it a great investment is the fact it integrates the two drying and mixing processes. The identical mixing drum is commonly used for heating cold aggregate and blending the asphalt mixture.

7) Intermittent forced type mix plant

As being the name suggests, there exists intermittence through the production process when utilizing this sort of plant. However, this doesn’t mean it’s less efficient. In reality, this particular one can increase overall productivity. This is certainly made possible simply by using a dryer drum as well as a mixer to process the drying and mixing processes efficiently.

These are the basic different types of asphalt plants you can choose from. By being aware what each kind can do, you must be able to select the best one which fits your unique applications and requirements. Don’t forget to check the prices provided by different manufacturers to get the best deal.