McDonald’s Will Let You Pay for Your Meal by Taking a Selfie or Calling Your Mom

Direct Marketing is vital in every business’ attempt to make their products and services be known to its targeted clients and buyers. When done correctly, it can surely generate great results. But doing direct marketing is not as simple as making a letter, putting an address and stamp into it, and sending it to its respective recipients. It is more than that. It needs to be more strategic. Debbie Bermont, a direct marketing specialist, even offered these golden rules to be followed in order to hit big in your direct marketing campaign. Here are they:

Mail to Mr. Right

A direct mail is of course not a junk mail. A junk mail is a kind of mail that is not wanted and is usually deleted by its recipients. A direct mail on the other hand is something that goes to the right person and is wanted by that person. One of the most important things to remember in direct mailing is to find the right people to send your mail to. If you’re working on a new show, the first thing that you have to do is to have a research phone call to know who that right person is. Even if you’re using last year’s list, you still have to call to check if your information is still up-to-date.

Boost Your Letter

Once you already have an idea to whom are you going to send your mails, the next thing to do is to make sure that your letter can achieve maximum results. Write it as if you have a dialogue to the recipient. Don’t use jargons that your targeted clients may not understand. Make your paragraphs brief and sweet at the same time. It is advisable that the paragraph wouldn’t go beyond seven lines. Try to segregate your letter into clear subheads and as much as possible keep the length into around two pages.

Reiterate the Benefits

Put the benefits (not the features) in the content of your letter for your customers to be convinced. Always bear in mind that a feature is quite different from a benefit. This sentence for instance, “10,000 people attended our show last year” is a good example of what a feature is. But if you want to write this as a benefit, you can state it in this manner, “You can have a great chance of acquiring 10,000 qualified contacts in just a matter of three days”.

Try to keep on repeating your offer at least three times throughout your letter. You can input it in the headline, within the first two paragraphs, and again in the last paragraph. Well, you can also add it in your P.S. if you have one. Lastly, try to tell your targeted clients what’s the next step that they have to do and urge them to do it right there and then. Include details of where to go to look for further information so that your prospects can respond to your letter right away and also in a positive way.

Make an Impact

See to it that your mail stands out from all the rest. Your mail is not the only mail that will be at the desk of your prospects today. So, better make sure that it catches their attention, triggers their curiosity, and urges them to open the mail.

One of the most effective ways to do this is to make your mail a bit lumpy. You can put post-it notes or candy and then try to relate your offer to the object you have included. For instance, you can insert a Pay Day candy bar to the mail and you can put a message like, ” Everyday becomes a Pay Day when you join the exhibit at the ABC Show!” or you can put a card into it with a telephone ringing together with a note saying, “Call us today”.

McDonald’s Will Let You Pay for Your Meal by Taking a Selfie or Calling Your Mom

Together with the object that you insert should be a very clear message about your offer. Make the message something original, fun, useful, and something that sticks in the mind and leaves a fuzzy feeling to the readers.

Too Good to Miss

Make your offer something that is really hard to refuse. You may put a time limit or make it something that stands out from the others like a much bigger booth size if they will sign up early or even a much better location. Whatever is your offer, the incentives should be very appealing to urge immediate action.

Remember also that your incentives become useless if no one knows or notices your offer. So in every direct mail piece that you send, see to it that the offer is very clear, easy to be understood, easy to respond with, and has relevance to the needs of your targeted audience.

Easy Does It

You should always look for the simplest way that your prospect can respond to you. One of the tools you can use is the Web site. This is very much effective tool in the direct mailing campaign because of the interactive feature that it gives. Fax-back form is also very much effective as long as the form comes with quick and easy response sections. Some other tools you can use are the toll-free telephone number and a postage-paid reply card. If you have something else in mind you can do it as long as your prospect can access easily with the tool that you will let your prospects use.

Follow up by Phone

Do not just send your letter to them and wait for them to respond. You should make follow-up call to your prospect clients to close the deal. Just always ensure that in making follow up call you should always be professional, polite, courteous and you should know all the details of the show.

Printing Essentials

Here are several tips to consider for you to save money and time and for you to get rid of too much mistakes while printing your mail:

  • Choose a printer that can really work with you and can give you a good service. Not necessarily the cheapest one but something that is not very costly but has good quality of work.
  • Scout for reputable printers around your area. Get at least three package estimates before you make your choice.
  • Together with the estimates, also ask for samples for you to have a glimpse of their printing quality.
  • Negotiate and haggle the price without sacrificing quality of course. You can ask for around 10 to 20 percent off the price they first quote you.
  • If you just having small print jobs, you can buy the paper yourself at a discount paper warehouse for you to save more.
  • Try to be very detailed with your purchase order to avoid future problems or misunderstanding with the printing house.
  • See to it that the printing house gives you a final copy before everything is printed.
  • If you can, supply the printer with a sample copy of the final output that you’re expecting for them to be very guided.

Mailing Tips

  • You should have a know-how when it comes to the printing procedures and in doing the mailing too.
  • If you want to save a few dollars or more, try to make use of third-class or bulk rate. Though bulk rate mail can be delivered within 3 to 10 days, but it can save you more than 70% of your postage cost if you can just afford the little delay it can cost you compared to having a first-class mail.
  • Make a sample of your mail in the early stages of printing and bring it to the nearest post office. Try to check if it can be sent smoothly through the mail system without any problem or hassle. Of course you don’t want to encounter any problem after you’ve already printed 30,000 copies, right?
  • Try to hire the service of a mail house to handle and sort your volume work. In this way, you can finish all the work early for a relatively low cost.
  • If you are worried about the image of using a metered bulk rate, you can try buying third-class stamp which gives a much better impression and impact.
  • The key to your direct mail is that it should have that synergistic effect of multiple hits. In whatever means you will do your direct marketing, just make sure that it can make an impact and can leave an impression to your prospect clients.