Category of concrete batching plant

There are many ways to classify concrete batching plants; here we will classify them according to mobility and technical process etc.

Category of concrete mixing plant by flexibility:

According to mobility, they can be divided into three categories: mobile variety, demolition type, stationary type.

Mobile concrete batching plant typically is made with a jogging system. So it’s convenient to move onsite. Mobile sort concrete plants mostly are utilized in construction assignments who have a need for flexibility. For road, example and bridge construction.

Demolition concrete batching plant:

In contrast to stationary concrete mixing plant, this sort plant has a special characteristic: when transferring involving sites, sizeable spare parts must be disassembled for transportation. So far, drag-line mixing plants, belt conveyor concrete plants used in our country belong to this type. They may be employed in commercial concrete large, middle and factory dimensions concrete jobs.

Stationary concrete mixing plant:

It signifies the mixing equipment that is tough to dismantle, it is actually popular in ready-mixed concrete manufacturing facility, pre-cast concrete manufacturer and big-scale concrete jobs. If you want to learn more about ready mix concrete plant, you can visit here.

Classification by specialized approach:

The regular section is just one phase type and 2 techniques type. A measure variety is referred to as concrete mixing creating although two actions sort is known as concrete mixing plant. In certain events, one step concrete plant is also known as a top to bottom or tower mixing equipment, two actions plant is called side to side mixing equipment.

Besides the above two common classification methods, concrete batching plants also can be classified in other ways. According to whether to add water or not during mixing process, concrete plants can be classified into dry mix concrete plant and wet mix concrete plant. They can be divided into continuous mixing plant and intermittent mixing plant, according to the feed continuity of concrete mixer in mixing plants. Dry mix concrete plant is like  a concrete batching machine, which is used to batch raw materials, you can learn more here: