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How to paint? don’t need $$$

Painting is a decorative feature on external or internal surfaces in a structure. This has different shades of colors. The surface to be decorated is what will determine the paint type to use. This may be oil or emulsion. In a high human traffic area, washable paints are advisable to use. The wall is done with oil or gloss paint. Emulsions or water based paints are used for building interiors or exteriors. The mixing is to the manufactures instructions.

Painting commences with preparing the wall surfaces. The plaster surface should be dry. The work should only be done in dry weather conditions. This starts with sanding and rubbing down walls and is to ensure that all loose mortar or dirt is removed. It is done with a sand paper. A brush is used for dusting the wall. Repairs or corrections should be done early. This is to avoid wetting the dry walls. Timber surface knotting is done before sanding.

Priming or applying undercoats on wall surfaces should be done. Before proceeding the undercoats must be dry. Filling is done to patch up any dents on the wall with fillers. It is are then sanded smooth. After this a first coat is painted. After drying, the second filling is done to ensure a smooth surface. Fine glass paper should be used to rub down the fillers. This should be very smooth for oil or enamel paints to avoid hair lines on the wall.

The painting proceeds to the second and third coat. Each coat should be left to dry thoroughly before the next one is applied. This work should be done with a good fine brush. The decoration should not show brush marks. Other painting tools used include spray guns and rollers. Remember that it is advisable to do the final coat after major dusty or wet floor finishes are completed. If different colors are used on the walls, a tape for marking the joint is used.

How to Paint Walls for Beginners

Recently, when asked the question: Do you have any advice on how to cut corners on sampling? I leaned over toward my inquiring friend and said, Yes.

He leaned closer to me his eyes wide with anticipation, and then I replied, Dont do it!

We both chuckled, but I know my answer was not what he wanted to hear. Still my advice stands. Do not compromise, you will not be happy and neither will your client (internal or external). Scope the study in a fashion that uses the available research funds effectively.

If you want to conduct a multi-regional study with N=2,000 households to explore the market for companies that supplies solar energy equipment and your budget is $25,000 your headed for trouble and disappointment. Under funded projects inevitably fail, dont put yourself or your clients in harms way!

Does this mean you cannot use your budget effectively to shed light on the research and business objective you have? The answer is of course not. However, you are probably not going to accomplish the same results as a multi-regional study with an N=2,000 households. You will need to scale back the research and the scope of objectives you can address with a smaller budget. You are likely to spend a budget of $25,000 more effectively on a regional qualitative study, appropriate syndicated research, or a targeted multi-client study (MCS).

Thus, as others have said in many venues, all successful research starts with an honest assessment of the research objectives and the resources available to achieve those objectives. Starting the process of scoping a research project by deciding on the sample size or data collection method or some analytic approach that seems intriguing is likely to end in disappointment or failure. At the very least, you will not optimize your research efforts and resources.

That said, once you are ready to make decisions on sampling, if your sampling plan is well though out and you have created the means (i.e., resources) to execute high quality data collection we congratulate you!

You can congratulate yourself too!

But realize that this is only a necessary step and not sufficient to guarantee success, questionnaire design, analysis, interpretation, and all the other steps in the continuum of a research project must also be accomplished and done well too. However, if you do not get the sampling step right (or the questionnaire design step) you can never fully recover.

You have probably heard me harp on this point, but it worth repeating:

Research Axiom # Two:
You can never fully recover from a poorly developed sample that lacks validity.

No amount of analysis, regardless of how brilliant
No degree of insightful interpretation, regardless of your intellectual prowess
No manipulation of the variables, regardless of how cleverly done

Nothing can save you from a poor foundation. The building will collapse!

You may have read this in other writings we have published, but if you havent re-read it now. Moreover, review this research axiom each time you start a research project.

In addition, if someone asks you Do you have any advice on how to cut corners on sampling? Lean over and say, Yes. Then, when you have the persons full attention, reply slowly, Dont do it!

How to Paint Wall Corners

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of bedroom is a warm and cozy feeling. Yes, that is what a bedroom is meant to be. After a day?s tiring work all you have in your mind will be to go back home and relax in your bedroom. The warmth and coziness that a bedroom exudes can never be attained from any other room. Hence decorating your bedroom in the most appropriate manner makes sense.

One of the first things to be considered while decorating the bedroom is the color of the wall. The color that you choose for your bedroom depends on several factors. If your room is small it is always better to go in for lighter color like white or off white. An off white colored wall can provide a cozy look to the room. On the other hand, bold colors can be used for larger rooms. Another trend is to paint one wall in a darker shade and rest of the wall on a lighter note. The usual practice while painting a bedroom is to go in for shades of blue and green. But that is completely left to the individual as to which color to choose. While blue and green can be soothing for some, it may not be so for others.

The second thing to be considered is the choice of furniture. If you are having small room it is always desirable to go in for furniture with lighter tone like white furniture or Hampton white painted furniture. This will make the room look bigger. If installing white furniture makes the room look cold and stark, the room can be accessorized with colored accessories. A red or green pillow against a white background can make the room look fabulous.

The third thing to be considered is bedroom accessories. Two things that are must have for a bedroom are table lamp and clock. If you have painted the walls in a lighter tone, you can go in for a clock with darker frame so that the wall does not look too dull. Same is the case with table lamp. Other accessories that are usually used are photos, floral wreath etc.

A proper color co-ordination with right accessories can transform your bedroom into a world of envy!

How to Paint a Bedroom

Healthy Pancake For Them? Good Them $$$

This is a recipe for a Belgian waffle that is truly a sweet, sumptuous and nutty concoction. The deep pockets of the Belgian waffle make great homes for the fresh banana slices. You could also mix the bananas and walnuts right into the batter. This way your get a full taste riot in every bite. If you need to increase the amount of potassium in your diet this banana walnut waffle recipe is an excellent option to just eating a banana each morning. The Banana and walnut combination is a way to enjoy fruit and nuts that are loaded with fiber and antioxidants along with a host of other nutrients. These are all essential for a healthy heart You will also get a good supply of magnesium, Vitamin E, and B vitamins. The walnuts are high in omega 3 fatty acids. That is the good fat that is proven to lower cholesterol

This recipe calls for:
1 cup melted butter
1 cup chopped walnuts
2/3 cup brown sugar
1 tsp. vanilla extract
3 eggs
1/2 tsp. salt
2 tsp. baking powder
1 bunch fresh bananas for topping
2 tsp. white sugar
1 1/3 cups all-purpose flour
3 tsp. baking soda
1/3 cup butter
1 1/3 cups milk

1.Start by sifting the dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl.

2.Add in the finely chopped walnuts and let it sit while you prepare the other ingredients.

3. With a wire whisk you are to combine all of the wet ingredients. This is prepared in a separate bowl.

4.Gradually add the wet to the dry using a hand mixer or you can use a wooden spoon. The batter will have lumps in it because of the nuts. Now we are ready to move on.

5.The waffle maker should be ready for you by now. Just ladle a portion onto the grill, close and let bake.

This recipe is best with warm syrup and topped with powder sugar. Put thin slices of banana on them sift on the sugar and you are ready to dine.

With the variety of waffle makers on the market today you can have fresh, delicious and nutritious waffles any time you like. You can even use the waffle recipe above as an after school snack. Bake the waffles with the fruit in them as well and it makes a nice finger food treat. The recipe can be modified in many different ways to form a variety of desserts as well. A scoop of ice cream, a few banana slices and sundae syrup and you have a delicious dessert.

Healthy Pancakes for you? thank you $$$

easy Chiquita Banana Pancakes Recipe

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Web hosting companies offer various types of hosting solutions depending upon the consumer requirement and the cost factor. Though, all such hosting solutions can work with their own advantages, dedicated hosting offer you a sophisticated solution absolutely under your sole control.

There are largely three types of hosting solutions are on offer for costumers around the sphere like

(1) Shared Servers (most used),
(2) Virtual Private Servers (recently introduced) and
(3) Dedicated Servers.

They have their set of functionalities and customer orientation in terms of cost, maintenance, up-time and demand. A dedicated hosting server is considered the best available option form comprehensive perspectives; let?s see why?

First and foremost of all a dedicated server is an entire piece of hardware that your hosting provider rents you. It has its own processor, RAM, solid state drives and operating system. You have the exclusive rights to use these resources and host your website and software on this server. It is no less than your own computer system and is capable of running all desired applications as per your need. They offer accessibility utterly to you and your authorized users. They are also capable of running concurrent sessions among the authorized. Below are some indispensable aspects of a dedicated server which will force you to choose this as the best option for your secure web hosting.

Security: In the recent times web server security has raised up as a major concern for the web site owners. With copyrighted information and data you need to establish your own security measures to protect sensitive information. With a dedicated hosting solution, you reserve the right to access your server solely with your unique ID and password. No one can access your server without you (unless you pass your access to someone else). It?s under your sole discretion, to whom you want to authorize access and for what purpose. You have the open option to choose an external firewall for your server to enhance security procedures.

Unique IP: With every dedicated hosting server plan you reserve your own unique static IP so that this IP only points to your own website. On contrary, shared servers provide single IP for multiple web domains and can slow down search timings with congestions. You get privilege of surpassing header reading software on your server unless you opt for hosting multiple domains.

Reliability: As because you choose for a dedicated server you remain unaffected by traffic and vulnerability of other websites (like incase of shared hosting). This help in boosting speed to your website and get maximum return on your traffic and web applications. Also you are bit relaxed with your own dedicated solution as you know what is happening to it. You can not be a victim of some other?s misconduct and save your resources from treacherous effects of virus and all.

Customization and Upgrade:As you own solely your resources with a dedicated plan, you have varied choice of web server customization. You can ask for your desired resources, hardware and system requirement according to your website demand. As you are the single owner you also reserve the right to opt for up-gradation at any instant of time.

Redundancy and Backup: With a dedicated resource in hand you have the full control of preventive actions. You can configure your back up plans and data redundancy so as to gain peace of sleep over data loss possibilities.

The thing which matters most is that you are the single owner. What better option can you deserve with a 100% ownership!!!

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Managed servers for complex applications