Apple’s Previous CEO Thinks The Apple Watch Will Flop However He Enjoys Apple Pay!

Previous Apple CEO John Sculley gave his take on the Apple Watch and Apple Pay in a recent interview with Forbes.

apple smart watchSculley lauded Tim Cook’s success as CEO, however said he doesn’t think Apple takes enough dangers.

“If you say who in Silicon Valley wants to go out and take the huge risks, change the game, you see people like Amazon and Google, Facebook, want to take big threats to go into entirely brand-new markets than they were in previously.”.

Sculley stated Apple will continue enjoying outrageous revenues even if they don’t innovate brand-new items.

“The question is: is there anything on the horizon,” he said. If you liked this write-up and you would like to get additional facts concerning apple watch giveaway ( kindly browse through our webpage. “I’m not persuaded yet that the Apple Watch is among those items. Perhaps I’ll be wrong. However it isn’t clear to me that it’s as big an offer as an iPhone, or an iPad, or an iPod.”.

Keep in mind Wall Street anticipates Apple to offer in the neighbourhood of 24 million Apple Watches next year.

But despite Sculley’s negative thoughts about the Apple Watch, he’s bullish about Apple Pay:.

“I believe Apple Pay can be a fundamental innovative leap. Look what AliPay is doing. So I’m very optimistic about Apple Pay. However reasonably, even if you’re an optimist, it’s going to take several years to deploy that around the world. And no merchant wants to bet 100 % of their future just on Apple.”.

At least some experts share Sculley’s optimism about Apple Pay: Barclays released a note on Monday pointing to services as a growth area for Apple in the next few years when they raised their target to $US140, up from $US120 per share.