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You might think that with increased awareness of sexually transmitted diseases that numbers of those infected would be falling. Actually numbers are increasing in most of the diseases. STD clinics report that Chlamydia shows the biggest increase in incidents, with genital warts not too far behind. Herpes has also been on the increase in the last few years. The only STD that shows a downward trend is gonorrhoea.

The reason for the increase in STDs is likely to be two things. Firstly, people are more aware, and are therefore seeking to have an STD test. Lastly, people always think that it will never happen to them, and therefore engage in risky behaviour. The knowledge that they can get treated means that they are potentially less likely to worry than if STDs were incurable. The fact that they might get HIV/AIDS is unlikely to occur to them. This is worrying because if caught early HIV can be treated so that it doesn’t develop into AIDS. Here at samedaydoctor STD clinic we can test you for HIV 28 days after contact with a high degree of accuracy. You will also be able to get your results within four hours.

It is important to be aware of the damages STDs can do to you, so that you are more inclined to take precautions. Chlamydia, being the most common of STDs, can leave you infertile, and often has no symptoms at all. The same can be said of Gonorrhoea, and whilst genital warts aren’t going to leave you infertile. They can be very uncomfortable, not to mention very unsightly. The can also be very irritating, and so could make your work or school life very uncomfortable. It only takes on careless sexual encounter to contract a range of sexually transmitted diseases, so you must be cautious at all times.

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Pass Your Certification Exam Guaranteed? why not $$$


PMP Certification
Acronym for Project Management Professional, PMP Certification exam inquires your skills and knowledge in heading and prominent teams, along with the delivery of the project results. Reckoned by numerous companies and organizations, if you have acquired good result in PMP exam then definitely you are at an upper edge. In fact, successfully clearing PMP certification might be provides you a better opportunity to jobs and in your promotion too. Playing a vital role in your life, PMP certification can really work wonders for you, and your career.
The four hour exam is entirely computer based and has been conducted usually at the major PMI”s i.e. Project Management Institutes. The certification includes 6 major arenas that are:
1.Project Initiation
2.Project Planning
3.Project Executing
4.Project Controlling
5.Project Closing
6.Professional responsibility
The questions asked in the exam are in multiple choice formats, constituting 200 items, out of which 175 will be graded and 25 are pre release questions. Main core attention of the exam involves planning, execution and control areas. In fact, PMP training is all about the responsibility and vision you have towards your profession and social environment. This is the reason that the leadership competency has been given appropriate recognition and credit in the PMP certification exam. PMI believes that it plays a vital role in any organization for the project professionals.
As far as passing the PMI exam is concerned, you really need to answer at least 137 questions correct out of 200 ones. After completing the test, you will attain your result immediately once you press the submit button. Irrespective of the result and the level of preparation required one must go for the PMP Certification for professional enhancement and always try to move on in your life by grooming yourself more and more and for better.

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Shoulder or Hip or Knee Dislocation from an auto accident? 855-382-5167 Paid $$$

Dislocation of the knee or more specifically the patella is a common knee injury that is typically caused by a sudden trauma in the form of a twist or direct hit on the knee, causing the patella to pop out of its usual position in the femoral groove towards the end of the femur. Knee dislocation will be accompanied by a sudden acute pain followed by periods of immobility leading to disability. In order to treat it, open or arthroscopy surgery will be required to repair the damages.

Almost immediately following injury, the extent of injury will be unable to be determined accurately due to the swelling and pain present. Therefore, surgery will not be recommended until a few weeks later. In the mean time, physical therapy will need to be performed in order to strength the thigh and quad muscles to provide a better support and prevent muscle wastage. Once the injured knee is strengthened and swelling has subsided, knee dislocation surgery can then be carried out and there are many types out there:

Bone realignment

In mild cases where the extent of injury is not severe and there is not much damage to the ligaments and tissues, bone realignment may be all that is needed. The tibial tubercle which is at the shin bone will simple have to be shifted and this will cause the position to be pulled towards the inner part of the knee.

Lateral Release

Lateral release is a common type of knee surgery performed to stabilise the patellar. When the knee is dislocated, it pulls the knee cap to the outside of the knee. Lateral release surgery seeks to cut the retinaculum in order to centre the knee cap back into the grooves.


Reefing or medical imbrications is a surgical procedure performed with the intention to tighten the soft tissues that are located towards the inner portion of the knee. It is often done in conjunction with Lateral Release with the latter loosening the exterior part while the former tightening the interior part.


Trocheleoplasty is a less common surgery which works by deepening the grooves on the femur for the patellar. This will require the removal of some bone and increasing the depth of the grooves in which the patellar can then be held firmly in place with the aid of biodegradable stitches which will be reabsorbed into the body after a period of time.

Patellar dislocations can still happen after surgery but this is less than 5% of all cases. Patients are usually able to return to pre-injury level of activities after a couple of months if a disciplined recovery plan is followed religiously.

This also includes pedestrian accidents (hit by a motor vehicle), motorcycle accidents (hit by a motor vehicle), tractor-trailer accidents (hit by a tractor trailer), bus accidents (passenger on a bus or hit by a bus), train accidents, bicycle accidents (hit by a motor vehicle). 855-382-5167