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You Play Poker? Get Money Knownig Tactics $

Here is a poker strategy that many people fail to follow, but by adopting it you will help yourself become a better player and you will have an edge on the weaker players in your game.

First, switch your thinking for a moment from cards to slot machines. As yourself this: What is the worst part of playing slot machines? It’s when the first two slots reveal a big win, but the third slot turned out to be trash and you lose the money you put in the machine. It’s the promise of coming so close to winning only to get that last, worthless slot. When you play poker, whether you are playing seven card stud, five card draw, Texas Hold’em, or any other of the innumerable poker games out there, one secret of the pros is to ?fold on a short straight.?

For example, say you are dealt a 3, 4, 6, and 7. Which means, you are hoping desperately to be dealt a five in the upcoming cards. What are your chances of getting the five? Most amateurs you receive this hand will play it out, in the hopes that they receive the card they are hoping for. But most pro’s, when they receive this hand, will fold.

Without getting into the boring science of odds in poker, consider this: in a 52 card deck, there are only four fives. It doesn’t matter how many other players there are or how many other cards are getting dealt out to people, those are still terrible odds! Even if you are playing draw poker, where you expect to get a few more cards, the chances are still very, very low. If you do get a five, it will virtually be a poker miracle. It doesn’t happen often, so if it has happened to you, you should consider yourself very lucky.

So what should you do when you are faced with this hand? You do have a couple of options, depending on the game you’re playing. You have a better chance of holding out for a flush since there are 13 of those in each deck and you already have several in your hand. If you are playing draw, you may want to keep your two best cards and burn the rest, hoping for a pair.

Unless that rabbit foot of yours really works, if you are dealt a short straight, your best bet is to fold or look for something else because it is highly unlikely that you will find what you are looking for.u

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Top Energy Stocks That May Get Targeted

When it comes down to it, I would rather have targeted traffic versus just traffic. Most logical people will. But what most web owners actually target is basic traffic. They do campaigns to increase traffic to their site, which in return wastes their time and money.

For example, a great article on top of or StumbleUpon for a day will get you huge amounts of traffic, but if that traffic is just there to read an article and press back, then you are wasting your bandwidth. The article has to be targeted to your audience. Your target audience consists of people that you want to fill out a form, click a link, or purchase a product.

Here I reveal some secrets that will get you more targeted traffic to your site. From there your job will be a lot easier to convert visitors into customers.

The first step I use for a new website is to do directory submissions to the proper category. There are services that will do this for you, and you should strongly consider them since there are well over 1000 directories they you can submit your website to. Most of them outsource so you pay a lower price. The trick here is to find the perfect one that is reliable and correctly submits your website to the correct category. Pay a company to do it about $100 for 1000 directory submissions is a great benefit, and will save you a lot of time. You can also buy software that will allow you do to it manually if you prefer.

Paid Directory Submissions is the next level up. This costs money, and can only be done manually. Since the costs are high, your best bet is to only go after the highly ranked ones, like Yahoo Directory, etc. Yahoo Directory costs $299 for US submissions, but interesting enough Yahoo International Directories are free.

Social Bookmarking can bring some great backlinks, which returns traffic. Bookmark all your pages on all the bookmarking services possible, gets you huge exposure on several sites. The key here is to get as many bookmarking sites to link back to you as you can. The more websites that link back to you, the easier it is to rank for your top keywords. There are services that you can get 100+ social bookmarking backlinks for about $50 a page. For the return on investment, that?s almost a steal.

Blog Buys allows you do buy blog ads on blogger?s blogs. Basically a blogger will get paid for them to do a review on your site, or post content that you want on their site for you. An automated service is also available for this.

Article Submission is a huge way to target traffic. First write an article or get a copywriter to write the content, and then submit them to several online directories. You will start seeing results from this within a matter of weeks. The trick here it to continuously submit articles, and overtime you will notice more traffic from campaigns you did last month.

Another way of increasing traffic is going to sites that are part of your industry, and proposing a link swap with them, or ask them if they could link to your site for a fee.

One of the secrets to search engine success is something called Link Velocity. It?s the amount of new links you are getting in a period of time, compared to a previous point. For example let?s use a month. If you are getting 100 links one month, then next month 120 links, you have an increasing link velocity of 20%. Now the trick is to have an increasing link velocity as compared to the link velocity of competitive sites in your industry. So if you?re in a competitive industry and the competition is averaging 30 to 40% increase, you have to be at 50% to 60% increase until you catch up to their amount of backlinks. Then once you overtake them, DON?T slow down. You have to continue at that level so when they finally realize where you are, you stay ahead and make it difficult for them to do what you just did to them. is an Internet Marketing Services Company with primary focus on Small and Mid-Sized Enterprises (SME?s). offers a rich consultative approach that our clients find refreshing. We actually listen to our clients to learn exactly what their problems and objectives are. Through a proven process, we collaborate with our clients to truly understand where they are and where they want to be next month, next year, and in 5 years. Not getting Targeted Traffic?.

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